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Anonymous asked:
found your tumblr while clicking around through deviantart. do you not sell designs anymore? your art is just so fantastic. sorry if you answered this somewhere I couldn't find it.

ohhh my goodness i totally forgot about my dA acc to be honest ff QwQ
but GOSH ;///w///; im so glad u like those designs i actually stopped making them but they were sO MUCH FUN TO DO TRUST ME, i might pick it up again, but probably only around special holidays like christmas and easter qwq //nods

thank u so much for ur interest tho omg ////// super flattered!

Anonymous asked:
Can you post a pic of your self I haven't been following long an all I hear about is how damn sexy you are and I want to see? Please? :3

desu desu


I really wanted to draw Ryln and madcarnival’s oc together ehe .u. so have this really quick and unfinished doodle

Omfg Indeed this looks hella and i just LOVE THE FACES OMG

Anonymous asked:
Part 1- Hi. I've read over your blog and you honestly seem like a genuinely kind and trustful person, so I was hoping you would be able to help me. I'm 19 and just recently got my own apartment, and I'm trying to explore all of these new experiences

Part 2- and I really don’t know about all these different kinds of sexuality and the internet hasn’t been very helpful in my search to find out if my preference has a name or not. I like how boys look all tall and lanky, But I don’t like man parts.

Part 3- They just aren’t my taste. I like woman parts, just not the long hair, and the dresses (the feminine kind I guess) what I’m saying is I like girls who dress and identify as males. Is there a name for that? If you could help I’d be super

Part 4 - grateful. I could just possibly be a pile of confused, nervous trash and if that’s what I am please let me know. Thank you very much, Rose

first of all, thank you so much for trusting me enough to ask me about this matter and i appreciate it a lot !!;w;
tbh i dont know ALL terms and types either but from what i gather you only just enjoy the physical appearance of a male. I have no idea if it has more of a professional term, which im p sure it does tho, but it seems to me like you just are attracted to Tomboys a lot. ;w; its kind of mostly a fashion occurence but also a lifestyle, so maybe look that up and eventually you will come across a term or something.
but we are really all confused until we find the one thing that we desire the most, or even more than one, so dont worry about that darling!
You will do fine! ;v;

Anonymous asked:
I was wondering; do you like girls with thicker thighs and that also have a little pudge? Because I have both, and sorry for asking if you don't, but god damn if you wouldn't be the cutest thing to turn into a whining, shivering mess.